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Digital Clocks with GPS Facility

Time Synchronisation with GPS connectivity:

Time synchronization can be achieved with GPS connectivity. The GPS antenna will receive time signals from the satellites. The digital clocks will have built-in RTC and this RTC will be updated with the GPS time signals at every once in every minute. A good reception from any three satellites will be sufficient for better accuracy better than one Microsecond.

The GPS antenna will receive time signals at every second from the satellites. These GPS time signals will be decoded and will be connected to the digital clocks.

GPS Digital Clock system is designed for the applications where accurate synchronized time is required across all the locations and departments of an organization.

Accurate time clock plays an important role to improve productivity of your work place, Increase employee’s accountability for managing time, Increase efficiency with employees starting and ending their day ON time, Improve time – tracking accuracy, even throughout multiple facilities.

In the event of power failure a long life lithium backup battery is provided to keep internal clock running, though there is no display on the clock during power break down times, The clock will show the right time as soon as the AC electric power resumes.

The clock automatically synchronizes with GPS time source. This saves time and significant cost savings when display installation is required in difficult locations.

Correct time is maintained through automatic synchronization with GPS.

The ICS-GPS clock is a Highly Accurate Time System designed for use in any applications where reliable time information is required. It is ideal where synchronization of different clocks at verious places of instalations.

The GPS Antenna will receive time signals from the satellite and the GPS receiver will be connected to the digital clock to display GPS time all round the year.