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Digital Clocks with TCP IP Facility

TCP/IP Clocks can be connected with already available Network. Your server will work as a IP based Machine. In TCP / IP the time data will be translated from serial protocol to LAN protocol and the clock will be connected through Local Area Network.

Every clock will be allotted with an individual IP address. The clock will be connected to the nearest LAN Switch. You can connect as many clocks as you want to the LAN. The time can be adjusted or can be altered in a specific clock by selecting the IP address of the clock and time can be monitored in individual clock.

We will install a window based software in your system. This is known as “ Time Update Software” With this time update software you can select the IP address of a particular clock and alter the time. Every clock connected to the system should have a dedicated IP address. Only then you can monitor the time or alter the time in a particular clock.

You can configure the TCP/IP Clock by Hyper Terminal Software. Customers can change the Clock’s default IP to their factory IP Address.

TCP/IP Time update Software is a package comes in CD. It can be installed in any windows based system. It has the provision to store the IP of Slave Clocks. On every minute once it will update the time on the clocks. The computer in which the Time update software installed should be ON at 365x24 Hours.