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Digital LED Clocks

Digital clocks came into existence on the replacement of analog clocks. Digital clocks will display time with more accuracy.

Time visibility is more clear in digital clocks than analog clocks. Moreover in these modern technology days everyone need to know time for every activity in official and personal life.

Digital clocks are the best way to display accurate time.

We at India clocks manufacture LED digital clocks with high accuracy components to display accurate time for all occasions.

Digital LED clocks can be supplied with Hours : Minutes : Seconds combination.

We can also supply digital clocks with Hour : Minutes combination.

Apart from LED digital clocks, we will also manufacture and supply 7 Segment LED digital clocks. These 7 segment LED digital clocks looks more elegant than the ordinary LED clocks.

We can also supply 7 segment LED clocks in Hours:Minutes:Seconds and also in Hours:Minutes format.

The clocks can be with single side display or with double side display.

The digital clocks are produced for indoor use and for outdoor use. For outdoor time display we provide IP-65 Grade enclosure for the digital LED clocks. So that the clocks will not be affected with natural calamities like heavy rains, storms and other natural disasters.

For outdoor clocks, we will use High Bright LED digital clocks. So that time will be clearly visible during day times in the open atmosphere.

LED Digital Clocks with Hours : Minutes Display :

Hours and Minutes display with flashing colon LED in between the Digits.
RED – LED Display. We can supply for both indoor and outdoor display purposes.

LED Digital Clocks with Hours : Minutes : Seconds Display

The above digital clocks is with Hours : Minutes : Seconds display with 2 rows of LEDs.

LED Digital clock with Hours : Minutes display. This is with two line LED Display.

The above digital clock is with single line LED display with Blue LEDs.

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