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Digital Master and Slave Clocks

We at India clocks manufacture GPS based Master and slave digital clocks. The Master clock will be connected to Satellite through GPS antenna and receiver. Master clock will be working with GPS time signals. Time will be accurate.

The Master clock can be connected to GPS for receiving the time from the satellite for time accuracy. The slave clocks will be connected with the Master clock through data cable connectivity.

All the Slave clocks connected to the Master clock will also display GPS time. There will not be any time deviation or time difference between Master and Slave clocks. All the slave clocks connected with the master clock display the same time in your facility. Whatever the time displayed in the Master clock, all the slave clocks will display the same time.

The Digital Master clock will be connected to GPS Antenna and Receiver Units. The GPS Antenna will be fixed facing open sky to receive the time signals from the satellite. The GPS Antenna will transmit the Satellite time signals to GPS Receiver unit through cable connectivity. The GPS Receiver unit will be connected to the Digital clock which will get the time updated on every second from the GPS time source. The time will be accurate.

The Slave Digital clocks will be connected to the Digital Master clock through RS 485 Cable connectivity. The time displayed in the master clock will reflect in all the slave clocks. There will not be any time difference between the Master and Slave clocks. Uniform time code will be maintained in all the clocks.

We are pleased to mention that our digital clocks will not have any time adjusting controls. Since the time source is GPS based time signals, all the clocks will show the same time all round the year. The whole of the campus will have GPS time through-out the year.

The time display on the Master clock can be HH : MM : SS (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) or HH:MM (Hours : Minutes) as per your convenience. Based on the elevation of the clock at site you can decide the size of the display on the clocks. We can supply the Master and slave clocks with various size display characters more suitable for better vision at the sites.

Digital clocks with your Server connectivity :

In this type of digital clocks, we will connect the digital clocks to your server through Ethernet port. All the clocks will display your server time.

Functional Block Diagram: