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Floral clock Project No.1

This is a floral clock of 12 feet diameter installed at Baroda House - Northern Railway Head Quarters office at New Delhi. This clock also works with GPS time signals. There is a under-ground machine room in which the floral clock machine is fixed to the dial. The Roman numbers are aluminium metal numbers and treated with anti-corrosive weather proof white paint. The green dial is a green polymer cloth which is spread on the surface of the floral clock dial. The clock is elevated from the ground level for better vision to the visitors to Baroda House at New Delhi.

Floral clock Project No.2

This floral clock of 6 feet diameter Installed at the official residence of General Manager of Western Railway situated at Alta Mount Road near Grant Road in Mumbai. The dial is made out of pebble stones and the numbers are made out of green plants trimmed at periodical intervals by the gardening staff to maintain the numbers. This is a GPS based Floral clock with one hour hand and one minute hand to show time on the floral clock dial.

Floral clock Project No.3

This is a mega size floral clock installed at Bhestan Garden near Surat in Gujarat State. The clock is measuring 24 meter dial floral dial. The floral clock dial is made out of green grass and the numbers are made out of Maroon colour plants. The numbers are made out of Stainless Steel letters on which the maroon plantation has been done so that the dial numbers look maroon colored. This mega size floral clock is the biggest floral clock in south Asia measuring 24 meters dia. There is a underground machine room in which the machine for the floral clock has been fixed. The floral clock has hourly bell striking system. The floral clock strikes at every hour as per the dial time.

Floral clock Project No.4

This is a 12 feet diameter floral clock. The dial for the clock has been made with green plants and there are maroon colour plants after the green plantation dial. The numbers and the number dots are made out of SS sheet metal treated with White anti-corrosive poly urethane white paint. This clock is installed at Shri. Jaigovind Gopinath Higher Secondary school at Peat Road, Near Railway station at MHOW (Military Head Quarters of WAR) at Madhya Pradesh State in India. This clock adds beauty to the entire school and works as a time center with natural back-ground. This clock works with GPS facility.

Other Products

Floral clocks are installed at National Parks, Public Garden areas, Traffic Islands, Corporate Lawns. Floral clocks are found installed at public gathering areas as well. Floral clocks add beauty to the Garden.

A floral clock in a Garden woks as a time center to the visitors and also add aesthetic look to the Garden among colorful plants with varieties of flowers.

Floral clocks are normally placed on the ground with an elevated dial. That is the dial for the floral clock will be inclined in its position. The reason is to make the time easily visible to the public visiting that floral clock area.

The dial for the floral clock is made out of concrete structure with round dial design. The dial will be elevated in 12 number position and the dial will be inclined near the ground level for 6 number position.That is the portion of the dial showing 12 will be elevated from the ground level and that of 6 position on the dial will be placed near the ground level.

The dial will be made with Green Grass to give aesthetic look to the clock. The numbers are made with colourful plantations with different colorful plants or with Stainless Steel letters or even with Acrylic letters with colourful LEDs to glow during night times. So that the numbers on the floral clock dial will glow during night times and will add further more beauty to the floral clock.

The Floral clocks are made with dial sizes ranging from 6 feet diameter dials to 24 meters diameter dials as per the customer’s choice and the project area at a given place.

The floral clock will have an underground room to accommodate clock controller and power points for the floral clock.Since the floral clock has an inclined dial, the clock items are to be stored on the underground rooms.

All the power points required to run the floral clock will be stored inside this underground rooms which is just beneath the floral clock dials. The underground room will have a door with lock and key arrangement.

We can design, manufacture and Install Floral clocks as small as 6 feet diameter and as big as 100 feet diameter as per your requirement.